We believe that the best way to keep development – now – is not to reset. We also don’t agree with the “new normal” idea.

WEBINAR: Amazon, Challenges & Sovereignty

A point of view that you won’t see anywhere else


Amazon: Challenges & Sovereignty

September 15 – 8pm (Brasília Time – BRT) (UTC -03:00)


The debate on the preservation of the Amazon and the environment gets the attention of the whole world, as the forest has a strategic position. These issues impact from agriculture and livestock farming to public security, economics and biotechnology.

Aldo Rebelo will debate on themes not addressed in any other lives and clarify how Brazil and the world have to position themselves in politics for the environment.

The webinar marks the launch of the Anti-Reset Movement, which argues that the solution for the post-pandemic world is to rewire the threads of social thinking and not simply to reboot it.


Aldo Rebelo

Amazon: A Response to Contemporary Challenges

Lorenzo Carrasco

Environmentalism at the service of the world government


Adriana El Daher

Relationship Architect and Event Manager

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Major Anti-Reset webinar coming soon


Work essential thread-to-thread connections to rewire a wealthy economy.

The wealthy concept to immediate future is to respin. A deep rewiring of the social and economic tissue. The ability to respin an economic, financial, political, social and environmental tissue, frayed in the real web;

without neglected people and the health of their relationship with them, replacing essential connecting threads in their places, without allowing the real web tissue to break.


Because people are the heart of everything and we choose promote rewiring thinking.

The reset does not solve the tissue frayed, does not change people, does not change the economy, does not change realities and quickly returns for more of the same or to a worse scenario. The models of thought that led to this crisis are unable to solve it. The change of epoch as a characteristic of this moment requires us to develop respin in the beginning of things creative models for new solutions.


People who bring together changes and know how to drive others to do it in practice.

Brazilian Economy, Environmentalism as a Political Weapon

Lorenzo Carrasco

Mexico / Brazil - Journalist and editor, CEO of CapaxDei publisher, correspondent doing work on economic, political and strategic issues in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. Author and co-author of articles and studies on the following subjects: Ibero-American economic integration; global strategic, economic and financial crisis; Brazilian economy, politics and diplomacy; campaign against the Ibero-American Armed Forces; science and technology; historical studies on US-Ibero-America relations, industrialization of Brazil and the American system of political economy; behind the scenes of the international environmental movement. Awarded the Medal of Victory, Ministry of Defense of Brazil, Editor and co-author of the Best-Selling Green Mafia: environmentalism at the service of the World Government; Green Mafia 2: environmentalism, new colonialism.
Prospective, futurism; Government and Corporate Intelligence and Security; Collaborative Economy

Lucas Blanco

Nurturing business, local entrepreneurs and consumers to thrive, by providing powerfull money circulation. Solution Selling and Complex Sales Specialist & Business Strategy Advisor: Experienced operations executive, corporate intrapreneur, with strong sales & marketing track record plus proven IT and Technical knowledge. Founder, Angel investor and more than 20 years of experience as top executive on national and multinational companies in Brasil with connections to the main supplier regions at USA and CE. Leadership in managing Global Accounts & Vertical Markets with local sales teams in Brasil, creating and leading new strategic Sales & Business Plans in an international environment.
Expertises: Prospective, futurism, intelligence; Solution Selling & Complex Sales; Strategic Planning and Execution Management; Team Building / Coaching / Mentoring; Customer Focus / Customer Relationship Management; P&L Management; Budget and Sales Forecast; Vertical Markets/Segments Implementation and Management; M&A Recurring Revenue Subscription Portfolio and Operations.
Communication, Ideology, Positioning and Management

Manoel Marcondes Neto

Brazil - Post-Doctor in Culture and Territorialities by UFF and PhD in Communication Sciences by USP, Master in Communication by UFRJ, with emphasis on Information Systems, Specialist in Systems and Methods by Saint Charles CPE of Andersen Consulting (USA), Bachelor in Public Relations by the Institute of Psychology and Social Communication of UERJ. Business consultant since 1980, worked as a systems auditor at Andersen Consulting and participated in the 'rebranding' for Accenture - 'case' that he published in the book 'Brand: from marketing to financial statement', author of books in the area of Fundraising, Public Relations, Society and Business, Marketing, Transparency and Governance.
Ideology, Power, Society and People

Miguel Aguilera

Master of Science in Religion, Postgraduate in religion focused on the New Testament, Specialization in Brazilian Studies and Education, Postgraduate in Distance Education, Degree in History, Bachelor in Theology. Author of books that address power, religion and ideology as a factor of social conduction, the impacts of re-religion on social and political life. Mentor and professor of theology, Latin American religion.
Governability, Politics, Governance

Alexandre Gouveia

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Facinter (2009), started his studies in Economics at FESP in 1994, studied Doctorate in Economics with an emphasis in Public Administration at UNLaM Argentina (2012) and has specializations in MBA in Digital Marketing with an emphasis in Neuromarketing (2020 ) by UniPositivo, MBA in Investments and Private Banking by IBMEC (2020) and Expert in Smart City by iCITIES. Among his experiences he works as a Consultant in Public and Political Management, served in the Government of the Federal District as Management Coordinator of the Governance of the Federal District and President of FAPDF - Research Support Foundation of DF, Member of CEPA - Committee of Experts on Public Administration from UN - United Nations Organization - New York / USA, University Professor in Political Science, volunteer at UnB - University of Brasília and Speaker. He was Vice-President of IBAP - Brazilian Institute of Public Administration and in the private initiative he had the opportunity to work with important institutions in the third sector, and to preside over the training division of the leading company in ERP management systems for public administration and information systems. training for public service and other important opportunities for training experience in the areas of political and governmental relations.
Prospective and Futurism

Daniel Egger

Leading digital business growth with a strong human centered focus, digital product/business development, business growth through digital, deep listening, hands on, fast doer, emphatic leadership, calm technologist. Author of 6 books about Future Value Generation, New Business Logics, The Futurist in shared social environments, we create a single cognitive and perceptive understanding of complexity through language, words, stories, music, and other cultural elements. Old Cities of Amber - The Futurist - It was two decades ago when it stopped. Everybody knew that it would happen. We were informed regularly about possible approaching changes, and stories were told. Nonetheless, what we did not expect was the velocity and the impact when it occurred; The Design of Business - Technical Revision for the Portuguese language.
Governance, Geopolitics, Politics and People

Joicy Britts

Nurturing businesses, local entrepreneurs and consumers to thrive, providing circulation of money powerfully. MsC in Geopolitics, MsC in Beliefs and Behavior Architecture, Specialist in Cities, Cultures and Territories. 20 years of experience in _people mobilization and engagement_ for business expansion, focused on consumption and social consumption. This experience includes building strategic alliances for the powerful circulation of money between companies, entrepreneurs and consumers. Working in MEGA's - Micro Geographic Service Space, in diverse socio-cultural, socio-economic, socio-political scenarios that require collaboration and consumption. Leading researches and successful cases on developing the sense of belonging as the expansion spot between individuals, groups and businesses.
Communication, Ideology and Economic Positioning

Katia Pecoraro

Government and Corporate Intelligence

Fabio Ribeiro

Fábio Pereira Ribeiro is an Administrator, Theologian, Master in Finance, PhD in International Politics and PhD student in Archeology at the Museum of Archeology and Ethnology at the University of São Paulo. He was Director of Large Educational Groups such as Ânima, FGV and IBMEC. He was a guest professor at BRIC LAB at Columbia University, at the MIT School of Business in Boston and at the Sorbonne Paris I. He is a professor at the Brazilian Secret Service Intelligence School – ABIN.
Belief Architecture, Economics and Society

Vicente Calatayud

Spain - Bachelor of Laws from the University of Valencia, MBA in Management and Organization of Companies, Studies in Management of People and Human Resources, Fundamentals, Training and Companies, Management of Companies, Management of Human Factor, Economics and Management. Master in People Development, Licensing in Directive Skills, Specialist in Emotional Communication. Worked uniting more than 10,000 hours with the development of the economy from the perspective of behavior and social understanding, applying concepts and techniques for the prosperity and health of people and companies. He trained professionals across Europe and Latin America in the thinking and action of “people who grow for freedom”.
The global warming fraud; Sustainability and Environment

Geraldo Lino

Brazil - Geologist graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), with a specialization in Engineering Geology. Worked in geological-geotechnical and environmental studies for engineering and infrastructure projects. Founder and director of the Ibero-American Solidarity Movement (MSIa). Member of the editorial board and editor of the electronic bulletins Strategic Review and Scientific and Environmental Alert, and of the biweekly Ibero-American Solidarity newspaper, with an emphasis on international strategic and political, scientific-technological issues and those related to the international environmentalist-indigenous movement. Author of the books The fraud of global warming: how a natural phenomenon was converted into a false world emergency and The man who invented Brazil: a portrait of José Bonifácio de Andrada e Silva and co-author of Green Mafia: environmentalism at the service of the World Government, Green Mafia 2: environmentalism, new colonialism.


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